Medical imaging technology has become the most popular and efficient tool for diagnosing and even for treating diseases. Recent developments in the technology and the practice of evidence based medicine have given more momentum to radiology. Image guided procedures have made inroads into therapeutic part of medical care.

Digital X-ray, Ultra sonography, Vascular Doppler with experienced and qualified radiologist and technicians


  • The department of Nephrology takes care of patients with kidney problems, giving them appropriate medical treatment and dialysis when required.
  • Patients with complaints relating to kidney function are referred to the department. After an initial assessment, the treating nephrologist orders appropriate diagnostic tests such as blood tests, urine tests, ultrasonography, kidney biopsy etc. Based on the test results a diagnosis is made and appropriate care/treatment is given or advised. The outpatient clinic also has nephrology nurse educators to provide counselling regarding life style modification, diet and options of renal replacement therapy
  • Doctors
    1. Ravi Kiran
    2. Shaista Hussain
    3. Ratan Jha