• Complete Denture
  • Dental Implants
  • Root Canal Treatment with rotary files and thermo fill gentle percha
  • Post and lore – Metal and ceramic

Enda Dontics


Ortho Dontics (Straight wire Technique)

  • Metal Braces

 Maxillo Facial Surgery

  • Extraction of Tooth
  • Complicated Tooth Extraction
  • Impaction Surgery
  • Cyst Enucleation
  • Tumor Excision

The periodontium simply means the tissue covering and supporting the tooth. The periodontium includes the gingiva, periodontal ligaments, root cementum, and the supporting alveolar bone. Infection is the most common cause affecting the periodontium. These infections are caused by the accumulation of hard deposits clinging to the teeth. The deposits are saturated with disease causing bacteria resulting in the infection of tissues, surrounding and supporting the teeth. The consequence of these infections ranges from simple bleeding gums to early loss of teeth. Some of the common treatment modalities carried out by the periodontists is:


  • Scaling and root planning
  • Gum surgeries