Princess Durru Shehvar Children’s & General Hospital was established in 1989 to provide medical care to pregnant women and children of Hyderabad. The 200-bed hospital is named after Princess Durru Shehvar, Princess of Berar and daughter-in-law of HEH Mir Osman Ali Khan and mother of Prince Muffakham Jah.

The primary objective and unique feature of the not-for-profit hospital is to provide high quality affordable care to the populace of the community. Thanks to the leadership and uncompromising dedication of Prince Muffakham Jah, son of Princess DurruShehvar and Chairman of the Board of Directors, the mission of the hospital to provide the quality medical care to the underprivileged as well as the growing middle class is alive and well. It was the first not for profit hospital when it was opened and remains the same in the midst of corporate hospitals.

Princess Durru Shehvar Children’s & General Hospital prides itself in providing one of the strongest medical services in the area for women and children. The Departments of Obstetrics &Gynaecology and Paediatrics continue to remain most popular because of superbly equipped and staffed Neonatal Intensive Care unit. These are the flagship departments of the hospital. In keeping pace with the demand for expert physicians and surgeons as well as sophisticated equipment, the hospital is continually strengthening the Departments of General Medicine, Cardiology, General Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Orthopaedics, Urology, Pulmonary Medicine, Dentistry, and Surgical Oncology. The hospital is accredited for DNB training and regular CME programs are conducted with guest speakers from the hospital itself, area hospitals and abroad. The Hospital is served by dedicated and qualified Nursing staff.

In addition to well-staffed out-patient services representing different specialties, the hospital prides itself in having state of the art ICCU, CCU, SICU, PICU, NICU, and AMC. The Emergency Department is staffed with fellowship trained specialists who can call in super specialists as needed to make sure that the patient receives quality care. The Operation Theater is well equipped as is the Medical Laboratory.

One of the outstanding features of the hospital is its open space inside the four walls and abundant cross ventilation. It is because of this building design that several patients come to enjoy the sunshine and accelerate their healing process, whether it is for bed sores or need for Vitamin D from natural sources.

The Board of Directors and hospital’s management team recognizes that “Good programs are planned, they just don’t happen.” A three-year strategic plan is being developed to make Princess Durru Shehvar Children’s & General Hospital a tertiary care hospital.    



Princess Durru Shehvar Hospital offers exceptional clinical care and an international hospital environment for out-of-country patients. It is our priority to make your experience as smooth, comfortable and stress free as possible.


Executive Health Check-ups combines our diagnostic expertise with the latest in preventive medicine to avail you with a good set of standardized medical tests that are specifically designed to prevent illness and promote wellness.


Our state of the art laboratories are equipped with the latest technology to offer over 1500 tests ranging from routine to highly advanced. We provide round-the-clock services as well as home collections of samples.


At Princess Durru Shehvar Hospitals, the pharmacy services are available 24/7. Our pharmacy ensures that all medicines are available on time. Medicines at our pharmacies are authentic and stored as per the required standards.